Monday, March 31, 2008

Lemonade, the right way

To fully enjoy an entire glass of lemonade, it is very important to keep the proper ice-to-lemonade ratio throughout the entire glass.

The first few sips of lemonade are the best, and the most special, because the lemonade concoction is not yet diluted by the melting ice. It is pure and fresh. Yet as the ice melts, the lemonade dilutes and soon becomes completely undrinkable.

Sometimes, you're lucky to get even a few good sips before you have to throw the whole thing out. Cup and all.

The cup is tainted. It is dead to you now.

The danger comes when the ice melts to where there are just a few remaining floaters. When this occurs, the lemonade is more water than . . . lemon. And all is lost.

However, I've found that if you use crushed ice and start with an ideal ice-to-lemonade ratio (1 part ice to 2 parts lemonade), then eat the ice as you drink the lemonade, you can enjoy the full glass of lemonade before it dilutes beyond drinkability.

Also, if you eat all of the ice as well as drink all of the lemonade, I'm pretty sure that counts as also drinking a glass of water. It's just disguised as ice in a glass of lemonade.

That makes it two adventures in one. And one of them is good for you.



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Candy said...

You could always make your ice cubes out of lemonade.