Thursday, March 20, 2008

I finally ran out of doors.

I finally ran out of doors in my house to stain and/or paint.

I stained 8 doors, transforming them from old-lady-fab wood to not-so-old-lady reddish mahogany. Plus I did all of the trim/doorways.

Then I needed one more door to be white, so I painted it white. Not because I'm racist. But in my house, bathroom doors are white.

It's so I know which rooms are bathrooms and which ones are not bathrooms.

I've also stained some carpet, and there are a few random fingerprints on some random walls here and there that didn't really need to be stained at all.

It never fails. I always get more paint or stain or whatever in more places than I really intend to paint or stain or whatever.

My classic Tyrant move is to carefully lay down plastic drop cloth to cover every possible molecule of floor or carpet that could catch a drip of paint. Then, in true Tyrant fashion, I step right in a drip of paint (or puddle, as the case may be) without realizing it, then I walk all over the house before I figure out what I've done.

It's genius.

I can say that I've become very, very good at cleanup after painting. It's amazing what all I can get paint out of. Sadly, my paint pants are the exception to this. They are like a mosaic of every painting project I've ever done in this house.

Of course, it never fails that several days after a paint project, I'll find another drip on a random wall, behind a door. Or perhaps on the ceiling.

You know, I get to dancing to my loud painting music, and you just never know where I might fling some paint.

You really shouldn't dance and paint at the same time.



meghant said...

How come you've lived in your house for several years now and you still don't know which rooms are bathrooms and which are not?

The Cynical Tyrant said...

wait, how did YOU know i have bathrooms???

do you live in my attic with Gary Busey?