Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm just not that in to you.

I don't know what it is about me - my friendly face, my constant smile, my inviting appearance - that makes total strangers think that I want to carry on conversations with them. But, it happens a lot.

FYI, my face is not friendly, I rarely smile, and I never appear inviting.

Today I spent about three or so hours at the LASIK office for my eyeball stuff and this one random lady kept talking to me. You might be there for three hours, but during that three hours you sit in a small waiting room about 5-10 differentt times while you wait for them to call your name for the next eyeball test that takes about 15 seconds.

Seriously, you wait for about two and half hours for a total of about 15 minutes worth of eyeball tests.

Not being in the greatest of moods today anyway, I was doing my best not to get talked to. Mostly because I picked up on this woman about two minutes after I got to the first waiting room when I realized she was now best friends with a woman she'd just met that day in the waiting room.

I didn't want to be her next best friend in the next waiting room.

So in all of the subsequent waiting rooms, I tried all of my best "leave me alone" tricks.

  • I played with my phone.
  • I stared intently at CNN election coverage that was playing on the T.V.
  • I caught up on Days of Our Lives, which was playing on the other T.V.
  • I called my office to check in.
  • I NEVER made eye contact with anyone.
That last one is the most important thing when communicating that I'm just not that in to you.

But despite all of my best efforts, this woman started talking to me. About my shoes, about my eyeball experience so far, about her eyeball experience so far (which started in November of 2006, by the way - so there was a lot to tell me about), about each test they did on her eyeballs after each and every test . . .

She was very sweet. But, I'm just not really there to talk about my eyeballs. Or to hear about anyone else's eyeballs.

Unless you are one of the doctors looking at my eyeballs. Then we can talk about my eyeballs.

I usually run into one of these talkers every time I'm trapped there for a few hours. It's nothing personal.

I'm just not that in to you.


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