Monday, March 17, 2008

Aaaah, the sounds of nature . . .

. . . in my house.

So, it's spring-ish. And I'm all involved in house projects.

Spring = house projects.

I've been staining doors and doorways in my hallway. And I'm not gonna lie, my house is pretty much more paint fumes than oxygen at this point. But since it's spring-ish, I can open the door and let the out-air in to the house to make the fumes go away.

Tonight, however, I'm a little frightened. Because it sounds like right outside the door is the world's largest cicada. I mean, I haven't gone to the door to see it. But I'm pretty sure by the sound of it that the thing is at least the size of a small bear, or a large beaver. Perhaps a rodent of unusual size.

I mean, it's almost louder than my T.V. And then, it suddenly gets LOUDER than the T.V. for a few seconds. Then it gets quieter again.

I'm concerned about the LOUDER part because I feel like that's probably the warning signal that it is about to fly in here, land on my face, and proceed to eat my nose.

I do have the curtain drawn over the door. But I have a feeling the cicada is clinging to the other side of the curtain, so that when I close the door to go to bed and I have to bring the curtain inside, it will have a free ride into my house . . . where it can then proceed to land on my face in the middle of the night and eat my nose.

If I don't have a nose tomorrow, you all know what has happened.

Giant bear-like cicada.


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