Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where have you been all my life?


I realize I am probably one of last two people on the planet to not have already signed up for Netflix. But I am now proud to say that I am on the wagon.

Yes, my DISH network, DVR, highspeed wireless internet, DVD player, Macbook, iPod, and multimedia cell phone no longer provide me with enough entertainment for one day, rendering me virtually without the need to ever leave my house. No, now I have to have movies literally put in my lap on a daily basis.

Well, the mailman actually puts the movies in the mailbox. Not so much in my lap. But that's not as dramatic as the imagery of me sitting on my couch, surrounded by too much stuff, just sitting there as DVDs land right here on my lap.

Seriously, y'all. Movies come to my house . . .

I spent much of the last two evenings obsessing over all of the movies to rate and to choose from. I loaded my que with everything that came on my screen that I have not seen, which is pretty much everything on a DVD. I'm WAY behind on movies (I hear that they have sound now).

I wasn't even paying attention to what went in my que, or in what order. So, the first movie that arrived today was Babel. I realize the first Netflix movie should probably have been a more amazing pick, and I should probably have been a bit more ceremonious in my selection to mark this auspicious occasion. But I just got so excited about loading up the que that I neglected to think of the order of the movies and how that would impact my life.

I'll spend more time on it later. After all, the movies that come in and out of my house in the coming weeks could be the most influential things that affect my life over the next few weeks. These are major decisions.

As for Babel, all I can say for it is that it was a well-made film and I didn't hate it. But MAN was THAT a bad day for everyone, like, in pretty much the whole world. Seriously, it was like an international Case of the Mondays that spanned the globe.

But when I got home it was right there in the mailbox! It appeared as if from nowhere! So that makes me love the movie just a bit more than if I'd had to go get it myself.

I might be ready to marry Netflix.

If you need me anytime soon, I am probably in my house watching the movies come and go.


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