Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blogging in the middle of a work day

Daring? Sneaky? Asking to get fired????



When I rolled out of bed this morning at about 9:45, I did have a brief moment of panic when I realized it was 9:45 on a Wednesday and I was still in bed. I spent the next few minutes repeating to myself, "I'M ON VACATION!" to ward off the panic feeling of having overslept by a longshot and thinking I was very, very late for work.

Nope, I'm on vacation.

And yes, I am sitting on the couch, on a Wednesday, with my coffee, watching The Price is Right . . . while the rest of the world works.

I also just saw a commercial for a brand new Elvis CD and DVD collection . . . with never before seen footage!

Really? He's been dead for a lot of years now. Seriously, how can there possibly continue to be newly discovered footage of Elvis that has never been seen before?

Sure, I probably haven't seen it. But is it footage that I even WANT to see?

Is it Elvis sitting on the couch in his pajamas, drinking coffee, watching The Price is Right? Because that's pretty much what I look like now. So I probably don't need those new Elvis CDs or DVDs to see that.

And no, you are not getting never before seen footage of ME sitting on the couch in my pajamas watching The Price is Right at this very moment. That will remain never before seen.


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