Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm already on vacation

I don't officially start my vacation until Wednesday. Tuesday after work, actually. But, I'm already in vacation mode.

My vacation plans are to fart around and do nothing that resembles any kind of work (no housework, that's for sure). Some day trips will be involved, which will be blogged about. And I have a few projects in mind for the house (I enjoy doing these kinds of projects, and this joy in projects means that the projects do not qualify as work).

Last night I bought enough groceries to last me at least two weeks. I hate grocery shopping and I do not want to have to do that while on vacation.

The most important items I bought were coffee creamer (I need a good supply since I'll be able to enjoy my own excellent Costa Rica coffee everyday). And I bought stuff to make several batches of queso to eat as much as I want.

I'm on vacation, y'all. I will eat what I want, when I want.

I did extra yardwork today so that all I will need to do next weekend during my vacation is mow. I enjoy mowing, so again, this is not work and is therefore legal during vacation. I trimmed bushes, mowed behind the fence, and did a few other annoying things in the yard today so that I will be able to enjoy my yard for the full extent of my vacation.

I'm doing laundry tomorrow so that I have enough clothes to last for a couple of weeks.

I started my Netflix subscription last week so that movies would already be going to and fro the home without me having to go get them. I still can't get over how genius that is . . .

I went to Home Depot and bought the supplies to stain my front door. I am SO excited about this project. So excited, in fact, that this project will take place during the first day of my vacation. As opposed to during my Vacation Eve, which I am enjoying right now.

I've already got a sunburn from my yardwork today, which is key for vacation. I always end up with a sunburn, and frankly, it wouldn't be vacation without a good, oddly-shaped sunburn. So, in honor of Vacation Eve, I've already got the burn.

I also decided today that I am not flat-ironing my hair for the next two weeks. It's just gonna be whatever it's gonna be. We'll see how long it takes for that to drive me nuts. But, I also may shower only when absoluetely necessary. Which means I could go days without a shower. I don't have to shower on vacation if I don't want to. And you can't make me.

But I'll wait to start that one until my vacation actually starts, so as not to frighten my coworkers Monday and Tuesday.

I haven't taken vacation from work since about this time last year. It is a MUCH needed break. So even though I don't have a big trip planned this year, I plan to let my office assume I am as unreachable as I was when I was in Vietnam a couple of years ago. My work Buddy was like, "Wow, it will be hard for you not to check email for that long." And I was like, "Um, no. No, it really won't be hard at all."

This evening of Vacation Eve, I am reclining on my new bamboo patio sofa (um, it's BAMBOO, y'all!), outside, on my patio. I've got a shield of citronellas candles, close enough to keep the bugs away, but far enough away so that they aren't burning or melting me. My yard looks amazing right now, so I'm out here enjoying the evening with lemonade, a good book, a good blog, and my bug zapper racquet (should any bugs make it through the citronella force field - I'm not about catching West Nile on my vacation).

This is my view from my bamboo sofa, including my toe:

Vacation Eve, y'all.


P.S. Anyone wanting in on the Vacation Eve or the actual vacation festivities, just holla. I might even let you use my bug zapper racquet.

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