Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Something wasn't quite right with me...

.... today. I was just a little off or something.

1. I wore a sleeveless shirt today, which meant I needed to bring my jacket to work with me for the inevitable moment when I would get cold in the afternoon. Of course, I walked out the door without it, so I had to go back in and get it before I could leave for work. And then I never got cold at work today.

I later resented the jacket. And possibly my sleeveless shirt.

2. Someone made us have new coffee at work recently. True, it's better coffee. But I was so distracted by the new-fangled coffee packets this morning (I never adjust well to change at first) that I accidentally made decaf in the regular coffee container. This mistake could have single-handedly brought the company down within about 20 minutes... people drinking decaf but thinking they had regular in their cup, and people drinking regular who don't normally drink caffeine.

Had my boss not caught my mistake, it would have been a crisis of epic proportions. I quickly fixed it, but by then we had about 4 pots of coffee sitting on the counter (some labeled with sticky notes to direct people to the appropriate coffee). It was pretty much coffee mayhem, all caused by me in the approximately three seconds of losing focus on how to make the coffee.

People shouldn't talk to me in the morning until AFTER I've had my coffee. Talking to me before or during getting my cup of coffee clearly leads to disaster.

3. I forgot to put a band-aid on my injured thumbnail this morning. So, (being always prepared with bandaids stashed in just about every possible place imaginable - safety first, y'all) I made plans with myself to get a band-aid out of my purse and put it on the battered thumb after I made it to work.

But, I forgot. All day. Until just now when I noticed that the thumb hurts when I type.

I'll get a bandaid later. I'm busy.

4. I ran into the island in the kitchen at work. Tripped over it, actually. Yes, the island that has always been there, in the same place, every day that I've worked there.

Walked right into it. This, of course, took place in the midst of the Coffee Emergency mentioned above.

5. When I got home tonight, my macbook was open. Which means this day of being "off" actually started last night before I went to bed, because I never forget to close my laptop before bed.

Or perhaps the person that I sometimes think lives in my attic forgot to close it after surfing the web and making purchases on my Ebay account while I was at work today.

6. Last night I also kept leaving lights on all over the house everywhere I roamed. I never do that. I'm very habitual about turning off lights that I don't need.

To make up for it, I'm sitting in the dark all night tonight. Except for that 4 Watt nightlight over there in the corner.

That's it.

Might make it hard to get that band-aid on my thumb later. Maybe I'll wait until morning.... when the sun comes up.

7. I painted my toenails tonight (which I hate to do because I hate feet and toes and all that they have to offer). It's a process for me. I'm very thorough so that I don't have to do it again for at least a few weeks. Or until it is sock and boot season again when it doesn't matter what my toes look like.

Tonight I put the Top Coat on as the Base Coat, but I didn't realized it until I made it all the way through all of the other steps and arrived at the Top Coat stage. Then I realized the Base Coat was still in line to be used, while the Top Coat was already back in the toe polish container, which meant I had already used it.

So, I put more Top Coat on, but now one toe on my right foot seems to keep sticking to the toe next to it, and all of the toes feel a bit gummy.

I hope it dries better than that, and soon. I'm not due for another painting for at least 4 weeks. It takes that long to work up to it again.

Of course, being "off" today begs the question: Am I ever really "on"?

Don't answer that.


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