Friday, June 08, 2007

My audience

Once upon a time, I was an anonymous blogger. That was about 4-ish years ago when I was but a wee, naive, infant blogger.

Gradually, people found and read my blog, starting with people I didn't know. At times, I've had quite a following overseas, including some glory days when I was mentioned on a radio station in Australia as a favorite and frequented blog. Shout out to my Australian fans... G'day, mates! (that means "Hello, friends." in American)

Then I let a few friends into my blog, and from there my audience of friends grew. It was strange at first, having people I know read my crazy thoughts. But, it grew on me. And I'd like to go ahead and take credit for inspiring the blog-blog-revolution that erupted amongst my friends at the time, soon thereafter.

One day, when I least expected it, my dad found my blog. He's a whiz with Google. Having the parents on the blog took some getting used to, but we have all survived and I can now say that I'm glad they read me.

From there, my family audience grew to aunts, uncles, and possibly cousins. Maybe distant cousins. Perhaps ancestors. Possibly a future husband that I haven't met, yet. Maybe some kids I don't know I have. Who knows.

But, as I've gathered more variety in my reading audience, and through the phases of my life and my blog throughout the years, I've developed what I like to think is a stranger-, friend-, family-, and kid-friendly (for all the kids who might possibly stumble on a blog, or any blog, for that matter) blog. I was pretty sure that covered all of the bases.

Then today I find out that my blog has entered MY WORKPLACE.


I mean... welcome New People who may or may not be in charge of me at work.

I'm not going to lie, I've got quite a bit of anxiety about that at this very moment. Seriously, as though I don't already have enough things to be paranoid about and stress out about on an average day. (Like, will Paris survive jail...the second time??? WILL SHE??? I'm worried.)

However, coincidentally, and as luck would have it, today's planned blog was to be about how much I love my job and where I work, and how the almost three years that I've been at my company have been some of the best years of my life..... EVER. I would then go on to say that I strive day in and day out to be the best Account Executive I can be, always hoping for more growth within the company and looking for better ways to serve my company and my clients.

I had also planned (coincidentally) to mention how much I enjoy, respect, admire, and learn so much from all of my supervisors, bosses, directors, VPs, and president, in particular two very important (and might I say) handsome and pretty VPs who have mentored me from day one. Their guidance and leadership benefit me day after day to make me the woman I have become today, and I always look forward to gleaning as much as I can from them. Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life.

I would possibly also mention how much I like cake.

And I think tomorrow's blog was probably just going to be a free-form creativity session that may or may not cover all of the reasons why I deserve a nice raise this year for my three-year anniversary coming up in a mere 28 days.

How weird that I was already planning to write about that stuff today.....

But, instead, for today I think I will just say that much of my life for the past 4-ish years is on the pages of this blog. Highs, lows, ups, downs, laughs, tears, anger, hurt... almost all of it VERY, very, snarky. But, not quite all of it. Some of it's real.

I do not feel today what I felt a year ago, or six months ago, or two years ago. And honestly I probably don't remember what I wrote last week. Although I'm pretty sure it had something to do with coffee.

But I like my job. A lot. I'm happy there. Let's all focus on that today, and everyday.



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