Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Covet Parking Spaces

There are lots of places to park at my office. We've got a parking lot.


We've also got a parking garage, which comes in handy in bad weather, or on really hot days. It adds some extra steps to get to the front door of my building. But my Jeep is safe and sound and protected from the elements there.

Then, there are four very special parking places. They are right up against the building, two on either side of the front door. They used to be reserved for deliveries, but they are now up for grabs for anyone who works in the building.

If I get there early enough, I can get one of these parking spaces, and I am literally just a few feet from the building. It's genius.

Sometimes when I come back from lunch, if I didn't have one of these special spaces earlier, sometimes whoever had them in the morning has left and I can clain the spot for the afternoon.

Also genius.

But what ISN'T genius is this little Volkswagen Beetle that thinks that no matter who is already parked in all four of these spaces, it can squeeze in anyway.

There are FOUR spaces, clearly marked. But almost everyday, this tiny Beetly has wedged it's way in as though it is exempt from the rules of being completely in one of the four marked spaces.

There are days when it is sticking out completely, not even close to being in the space. It's like it thinks if it has one tire close to the line and the curb, that counts.

One day, there were two Range Rovers, an Expedition, and a Hummer parked in these four spaces, but that stupid Beetle driver wedged in the middle of all of them anyway.

It makes me angry.

Everytime I am able to get one of these spaces, I make sure I take up as much room as possible so that little Beetle can't possibly fit in between me and the car on the other side of me. But it never fails. That stupid Beetle gets in there anyway.

One day I'm going to catch who drives that dumb Beetle.

And I will glare menacingly from inside my Jeep at whoever it is. And then I'll park somewhere else, since the Beetle will be in my coveted parking space.


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