Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The nicest dinner I've ever had on Valentine's Day

Yep, that was tonight.

Fancy restaurant
Valet parking
Appetizers (the kinds that come four on a plate because they are so fancy they only give you four of them)
Fancy salad (the kind with lettuce that I can't pronounce and nuts that aren't nutty)
Filet minon
Fancy mashed potatoes
And cheesecake....

Plus, good company. In fact, it WAS my company. And some clients.

The fancy restaurant was all set up for couples, tables for two and white tablecloths as far as the eye could see. And there were the four of us in the middle of everything, talking business and having a great time.

My parents even called while they waited for their table for their Valentine's dinner to see if I wanted to join them. And trust me, if I could have made it over there in time for a second dessert of key lime pie, I totally would have....

I do loves me some key lime pie. And my parents.

Valentine's schmalentines.....

I got free steak tonight. And I still made it home in time for LOST.



Gmama said...

Yes - but did you make it home in time for LOST and cheese on the couch?

The Cynical Tyrant said...

haha! no. but i was so full from my free steak, i didn't need cheese.

don't worry. it's on the docket for tonight...