Sunday, February 25, 2007

One cheek to the wind

Pajamas are my favorite thing in the world to wear. Next to jeans. But if it came down to either jammies or jeans as the only thing left in the world to wear for the rest of my life, I would choose jammies. No question.

Just about every time I get home from somewhere, within minutes of stepping in the door I am in my jammies. I'm just all about comfort any time I can get it.

I was home for the day yesterday sometime around 7-ish. I spent most of the day lunching and shopping with my mom. It was fabulous. But shopping always wears me out. So naturally, I walked in the door and went straight to pjs for the rest of my evening.

I puttered around the house, working on some projects. I made breakfast for dinner, which I enjoy almost as much as wearing pjs all the livelong day.

Eventually it was time for bed, so I crawled into bed. But I noticed that my bum was cold, even though I was underneath all of my blankets. I thought this was probably odd, so I climbed back out of bed to check on my pjs to make sure they were in good working order.

They weren't.

I turned around and looked in the mirror only to notice a HUGE hole in the back of my flannels pants. And I don't mean just any hole. I mean I was staring at a whole complete butt cheek staring back at me in the mirror. it wasn't a hole. There was a whole chunk just GONE where jammy pants should have been.

No wonder my arse was cold.....

I busted out laughing HYSTERICALLY. I mean, how did this happen? Not only did I not notice I was getting a hole in my pants at any point in the evening, but I had quite likely been walking around my house all night with my arse cheek hanging out in the cold.

Holy cow, I'm getting old. Walking around with one cheek to the wind, and I had no idea.

Oh well. I put on new jammies and went to bed. But now I'm paranoid that ALL of my pants (work pants, jeans, sweatpants) have giant holes in them that I don't notice. Or maybe I showed up to work everyday last week with a cheek out for all to see, and I had no idea.

I hope someone will tell me if I do ever leave the house mooning the world, unbeknownst to myself.



Gmama said...

Dude - now we all know you were commando. Thanks a lot.

The Cynical Tyrant said...

now, now.... don't jump to conclusions....