Monday, February 05, 2007

In Florida again

For work. Again.

Here are some thoughts.

Catching a plane at 7:50 am is not so much fun. Sitting in coach while two of your bosses are in 1st class.... even less fun.

I always do stupid things when I travel. On business trips, I have to work really hard to do the stupid things where none of my bosses see me. Like... last trip home, somehow I accidentally didn't lock the bathroom door on the plane. And yep, sure enough some guy opens the door and gets to see, um, a whole lot of me. The back row of the plane got a good look, too. Fortunately none of my coworkers or bosses were anywhere near. SUPER embarrassing. I have told no one this. Until now.

And now everyone in the world knows.

This time, I accidentally sat in the wrong seat on the plane. I mean, really. Who can read row numbers at 7:30 in the morning? But then when I got to my actual row, I ended up having the whole row to myself. So that worked out nicely.

Then I got up to go to the bathroom, and I walked right by it. I assumed it was at the back of the plane, but nope. It was in the middle of the plane. Who puts a bathroom there?!?!? Fortunately I did lock the door this time. But then when I walked back to my seat, I PASSED THAT, TOO. One of my bosses did see me do that. Lovely.

Then later, at dinner, I almost walked into the men's restroom.

Maybe I just have a problem with bathrooms that aren't in my house.

What my hair loves about Florida is that it is REALLY windy and REALLY humid, all at the same time. I'm looking fabulous, I must say.

I've got a king-size bed, which is AWESOME. But there's just one problem. The clock is on one side of the bed, and the phone is on the other side. So if I set the alarm AND get a wake-up call, I have no idea how I will be able to silence BOTH of them in the morning without seriously hurting myself, because they are SO FAR AWAY from each other. Seriously, you could fit like, 50 of me in this bed.

I don't want to iron my pants for tomorrow. I'm hoping the wrinkles just fall out on their own.

Yes, I did wear my Chuck Taylors with my suit all day up until the point I actually had to go into the meeting with clients. My bosses made fun of me, but hey, if I have to travel before dark in a suit, at least my feet will be comfortable. I insist. And I will do it on the way home tomorrow, too.

Seriously, the "business center" in this hotel consists of one desk with a computer on it, in the middle of the breakfast nook in the lobby. I think "center" may be too generous of a term.

For the first time ever in my life, someone introduced me by pronouncing my last name correctly the first time, and then they FORGOT my boss's name completely. HA!

The Ft. Lauderdale airport this morning was littered with weary Super Bowl fans decked out in Super Bowl garb, literally just laying all over the floor as we arrived. i must say, I felt extremely overdressed in my suit.... and Chuck Taylors.

That's all I got. Time to get some work done in my big king-size bed.


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