Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Neckties and Pantyhose

I'm not really sure who decided that neckties are the accessory for men that make them fancy. But I'm not sure why they chose the necktie as that particular fancy-making accessory.

I just spent two days in meetings with men who had to wear neckties. Sure, a good necktie adds a certain perfection to a suit, or even just to a shirt without a jacket.


A BAD necktie (especially with a BAD shirt) just ruins everything. Ruins the shirt, ruins the suit, ruins everything. Ruins the whole point of wearing the tie, which is to make you look NICER. But for every good tie-shirt combo, there's like.... 108 BAD tie-shirt combos walking around out there.

Plus, they're obviously not comfortable to wear. And they always get in the way. Guys are always throwing their ties over the shoulder to eat and to generally keep them out of the way. What's dressed-up about a tie thrown over your shoulder?

Now, I'm not saying there were any bad ties and bad shirts in my meetings this week. I just found my mind wandering from time to time, and I kept staring at all the ties and wondering .... why ties?

It's like pantyhose. Who decided that pantyhose are the accessory needed to dress up us ladies? I mean, you get ONE run in your pantyhose and you take what was a fabulous attempt at dressing nicely for some sort of fancy occassion STRAIGHT to trailer trash with a run in your hose. And there's no way to fix it when you're out and about. You just have to be trailer trash.

In your Oscar dress on the red carpet, being Glam-Cammed by E! = FANCY

.... but with a run in your hose = Trailer Trash. Even though it is an Oscar dress and probably costs 108 thousand dollars, the run you just got in your hose while tripping over Ryan Seacrest totally takes you down to trailer trash for the rest of the evening. Nothing you can do about it.

Even if you win an award..... sorry. Still trailer trash, because you got up on stage in your fancy dress, but with a run in your hose.

That's just the way I see it, folks. Neckties and pantyhose. Pretty sure we should rethink that whole thing.


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Rhealyn said...

i have a run in my hose right now. it's creeping up from my left big toe and its just made its way up to the strap of my maryjane. pretty soon it will be at my knee and i'll get fired.