Sunday, December 04, 2005

The best days ever
The best days ever are days that I can take off from work when no one else has the day off.

This rarely happens.

But it just so happens that I have a couple of personal days that I have to use before the end of the year, and I took one of them on Friday.

It's better than a holiday. When it's a holiday, everyone else is everywhere I want to be. This makes everything crowded. Things are closed. I enjoy holidays off from work, of course. But they aren't quite as restful as just a random day off.

And unexpected, absolutely pointless three-day weekend is the best weekend in the world. I'm actually somewhat rested and feeling ready to go to work tomorrow. I really don't understand that feeling.

Give me a day off when the rest of the world is still working, and it is pretty fabulous. It's like I own the town. I can run errands in the middle of the day and places are not crowded. The world is at work while I am at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I can watch bad daytime TV and I'm not even sick. I usually only get to watch Dawson's Creek when I'm home sick. It takes on whole new meaning when I can watch it in good health.

I can sit around in my pjs until noon knowing that everyone I usually see on a Friday is at my office working really hard. Even if I get a few calls from work, I'm still in my pjs. And I haven't showered, yet I'm talking to clients and co-workers.

I expected calls on Friday. But I got zero calls.

It was fabulous.

As was Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


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