Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My office has an Inclement Weather policy, which basically means that when the weather is inclement, we have the option of coming in late or going home early due to unsafe conditions out-of-doors.

Inclement has become a word that I like to use as often as possible because it's pretty much just silly, no one really knows what it means, and it's just a fancy way of saying "bad weather." defines "inclement" as:
1. Stormy: inclement weather.
2. Showing no clemency; unmerciful.

See? Even the dictionary just says what it is. Bad weather.

But really, for me today "inclement" means this:
1. The opportunity to leave work early and gain some extra daytime hours to watch more episodes of Season Two of The West Wing.
2. Part of my brilliant strategy to not work a full week's worth of work for any week during the month of December.

Last week I took a personal day. I can't tell you why. It's personal. (I love that joke)
This week I get an inclement weather part-of-day, and if all goes well it will be inclement again tomorrow.
Next week will be tough to skip out on any work. I don't have any planned time off or available random time off. I will have to get creative.
The week after next, I get another personal day and then Christmas holiday begins.


And . . . inclement.


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