Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dollar Store Delight
This is a new song I'm singing in my head right now, to the tune of Afternoon Delight.

Another secret of mine is that I love Dollar Stores. Not in the sense that I love to visit them often. But, on occasion great fun can be had at the expense of a Dollar Store.

A minor expense, that is. After all, everything is only one dollar.

I went to one such Dollar Store today. You know what I'm talking about. Those strip shopping center stores that boast that nothing in the store is priced over one dollar.

The beauty of the store I found today, though, is that everything was 99 cents! Ha! Not even a dollar! So great!

My goal was to locate and purchase my white elephant gift for my office party on Friday. I knew what I wanted and I knew a Dollar Store would have just what I needed. Even better that I found a 99 Cent store. I was saving money already, and my goal was to spend only about a dollar on the gift.


Of course, I can't just buy one thing at the Dollar Store. I always walk out with my hands full of several items. I don't really want to, but I can't help but look around. You can actually find namebrand stuff in there for one dollar. And the non-namerand stuff is just too funny not to look at.

And it's random stuff, which is the beauty of it. It's stuff you don't realize you could use until you see it there for only 99 cents. How could you NOT buy it?

Today, after spending 10 minutes in the 99 Cent store, I walked out with:
1. My genius white elephant gift.
2. A bag of disposable latex gloves that I use when I paint stuff.
3. A plastic drop cloth, which I also use when painting stuff.
4. A gift bag for my while elephant gift.

I only spent $3.73 for these four fabulous items (the gift bags were two for 99 cents and I only got one!).

It was truly an afternoon of Dollar Store Delight.


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