Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bad movies
Last night I was in the mood to make fun of something on DVD. So, Boy J and I rented War of the Worlds.

I've heard a range of comments on this movie, from "terrible" to "scary" to "Katie Holmes is an idiot." And I really had no desire to see the movie in theaters or for any reason other than to make fun of it on DVD.

While in Bangkok earlier this year, Friend C and I were bombarded with an onslaught of War of the Worlds promotion. It was painted all over the concrete steps to everywhere we walked. Literally. Giant "billboards" were all over the ground everywhere we walked. From everything we saw during our time in Bangkok, War of the Worlds was the only movie coming to Thailand this year, and everyone needed to see it the day it opened.

I don't like Tom Cruise. I don't like Dakota Fanning. Anything named after a Dakota is just no good in my book. Why do we even have Dakotas? We should give them to Canada.

But, I digress.

There is no point to belaboring the point of how bad of a movie War of the Worlds is. But I will say this:

Germs? Seriously? The next time we get attacked by aliens, we'll just send out a kid with a cold to sneeze on them? That's not a war of the worlds. That's just idiots flinging boogers until the last booger finally kills someone.

Lameness that is absolutely literally out of this world.

And yet, ever-so-worthy of Make Fun of Something on DVD Night.

Thank you, Tom and Dakota.


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