Thursday, December 22, 2005

If only I had one easy payment of $149.95 for each of you this Christmas.

I love safety. Rule #1 for the Tyrant is Safety First.

So, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the perfect Christmas gift for everyone I know. It's . . . the Ready Freddy. Check it out at

The Original Ready Freddy ™; The all -in-one solution for disasters and emergencies large and small. Over 100 individual items in a high quality ballistic nylon backpack. Ready Freddy™ is 100% battery-free and ready to use when you need it. Includes a 3-in-1 Emergency Light free!!

I especially like the suggested uses for duct tape ("For use with plastic sheeting to create seals on doors and windows"), and the rope with duct tape ("Many uses for this. Tie things down. Hold things up. Use with plastic sheeting to create a shelter"). Really, the options are endless.

Better yet, instead of me buying the Ready Freddy for each of you, if I could suggest just one small gift that you could get for the Tyrant this Christmas, it would be the Ready Freddy. Nothing says "safety first - stay safe, Tyrant!" like a backpack stuffed full of items to last through any apocolyptic catastrophe.

PLUS, it's very pretty, and comes with a deck of playing cards - you know, for those long waits in the fallout shelter after a nuclear event.

But, if the Ready Freddy is a wee bit out of your budget for lavishing gifts upon the Tyrant this year, might I also suggest this:

It would make me just as happy.

Have a Safe and Happy Christmas, y'all!


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