Friday, May 05, 2006

Get Milk
This is a public service announcement.

If you live in Texas (or anywhere that has a little ice cream chain called Braum's) and you do not buy your milk at Braum's, you are both wasting money and buying inferior milk.

A coworker of mine turned me on to the wonders of Braum's milk. We will call him Coworker A.

I resisted for awhile. It's an extra stop after I've already been to the grocery store, and I just don't readily try new things. But I tried it once a few months ago and I quickly found out that the pros FAR exceed the cons. In fact, there aren't any cons to buying your milk at Braum's.

1. It's cheaper.
Today I paid $1.54 for a half gallon of milk. Genius.

2. It lasts longer.
The date on the carton is May 18. I bought it today. That's at least a week longer than any date I could find on a carton at the grocery store. So, I paid less for milk that will last longer. Yup.

3. It's on my way home, and even if I leave from my house, it's right around the corner.
This may only be a pro for me, but it's a dealmaker. It's closer than the grocery store, and I only have to go there about twice a month anyway, since the milk lasts much longer than grcoery store milk.

And I don't even drink milk. But I tell you without hesitation that Braum's milk makes my cornflakes taste like little flakes of heaven. Or manna from heaven. Whatever.

It's GOOD.

5. Customer service.
I walk in, I am greeted by the sweet Mom or Pop that runs this particular franchised store. I grab my carton of milk, I head to the counter. They put my milk in a PAPER bag. They send me on my way with a smile.

In and out of the store in 30 seconds or less, PLUS it was a pleasant experience. Very small town here in the big city. When is the last time the milk guy at your big chain grocery store said anything to you??

So, there you have it. All the right reasons to stop buying your milk at the grocery store and start buying it at Braum's.

Great taste, less expensive, lasts longer.

Do it now.


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