Thursday, May 18, 2006

I have to give props
I haven't been able to blog much lately because my internet at home is on and off the fritz at random. I should get that fixed...

But tonight while I can take a few seconds to blog from an undisclosed location, I choose to use this valuable time to give props to my dear friend "I'm kinda over softball" Kerri.

Tonight, on a night when she wasn't even going to play (she tried to back out last minute....), she showed up, swung the bat twice and HIT THE BALL TWICE. Then she topped even that much amazingness by CATCHING A FLY BALL IN THE OUTFIELD like it was no big deal.

I was so happy, I forgot to keep playing and I ran out and hugged her. Then we realized the ball was still in play.

It didn't matter.

Kerri, way to finish a random season and a random rain-out make-up game. You out-played us all.

Looking forward to more of the same next season.


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