Saturday, April 29, 2006

One step closer to being famous
This weekend, I came out of retirement to revive my acting career.

Didn't even know I had an acting career, did you.

It started in the first grade when I played Mary, mother of Jesus in the church Christmas pageanty thing. My mom says I picked my nose in front of everyone. I don't remember that. But if I did, it was only because I'm pretty sure with all the dust and dirt of the day, Mary probably really did pick her nose sometimes. And how do we know she didn't pick? I was in character.

Later in my career, I played Aunt Polly in my 4th grade Tom Sawyer play. I was an amazingly convincing old lady.

I was the Ghost of Christmas Past in Jr. High. I was told that my dancing in front of the strobe light while costumed underneath a sheet was like no other strobe light dancing ever before in history. Ever.

I've also played Calamity Jane, bringing great height and depth to the "calamity" of her name.

And, in highschool I portrayed a riveting protrayal of Martha (of Mary and Martha) in the church Easter pageant. They didn't give me any speaking lines, but I didn't need lines to be Martha. I just acted.

Then, I took an early retirement. I went to college, graduated, took lots of random jobs, which brings us to the present where I have now been asked out of my acting retirement to bring the joy of my acting back to the world.

My dear BFF Friend E has been directing James and the Giant Peach at a local church. She called upon me this week to play a very important and pivotal role in the play.

So, after just two rehearsals, followed by two performances, I think it is safe to say that I was probably the most amazing, fabulous, and definitely the prettiest....

Crowd Person #1..... EVER.

It all came back to me as though I had never left the stage. The lights, the laughter, the applause.... the drama, the moment, the character. I don't like to think of it as "only" four lines. I prefer to think of it as the MOST IMPORTANT four lines in the play. And probably in the history of the world. EVER.

Plus I got to move the peach pit scenery around, and make birds fly on a pole.

It was pretty sweet.

Thanks to my BFF for giving me the opportunity to remember my dream of being a world-famous actress. She's by far the best director I have ever worked with in my entire life. EVER.

She should, like, go do that as a profession or something.


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