Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Every year, it's a new critter at the Tyrant's house.

Squirrels that don't belong
Birds that lose their heads
Cats that dig up stuff
Frogs that get tangled in my weedwacker (somewhere there's a post about that)

This year, I've got rabbits.

This is the big one. He bops around my backyard. I will call him Bopper. There's also at least one other tiny one. They seem to live underneath my shed.

I just want it to be known that at the time of this posting (and at the time of this photograph) the rabbit was alive and well. I am going to GREAT LENGTHS to be in no way responsible for any untimeley catastrophe that could possibly happen to these rabbits, should anything happen.

In fact, the other day I went so far as to stop my car in the street a few houses down from my house, get out of my car, and personally walk the tiny one to the curb because he refused to get out of the road.

I saved his life that day.

Remember that. Always...

I swear I am a friend to the critters.


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