Friday, May 05, 2006

I talk about moggy Africa, too
This will make my dear Friend SJ's head explode.

So I met someone from Capetown, South Africa this week. In Chicago, of all places. We had some lovely chats. I learned a bunch of fun phrases. I liked to hear her talk. It was almost Britishly, which I love.

Moggy = crazy (ie: She's gone quite moggy.)

Loo = Bathroom (I already knew that, but she used it in sentences like it's not a funny word)

Knickers = underwear (ie: I went to this place called Victoria's Secret, and I spent $108 on two bras and some knickers.)

Blast = some sort of curse word, I think (ie: Blast! Why do knickers cost so much in America?)

Conversely, when I talked about cracking the window in my hotel room to let in the cool air from outside, she was quite concerned that I'd actually cracked (broken) a hotel window. I assured her the window was fine.

That's pretty much it. I just wanted to be the one talking about blastin' Africa for once.


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