Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I woke up this morning and everything was fine
Then I got home around 9:30 tonight and learned that everything is not, in fact, fine.

My house was really hot when I walked in. Turns out that my outside a/c unit just isn't working, but the inside unit has probably been running most of the day, not cooling anything, and running up my electric bill. It was working fine this morning. Sure, it's 108 years old. But why die today?

Once I decide there is nothing I can do about it tonight, I go to my kitchen to look for something for dinner, now that it's 10:00 at night. I see ants crawling all over my counter. They weren't there this morning. Why come into my house today?

After I get rid of as many ants as I can and I spray some ant kller stuff, even though I can't tell where the ants are coming into the house, I keep looking for food. Then I remember I haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks, so I don't really have any food. And I don't want to cook anything anyway because it is really hot in my house. So I settle for carrots, chips, and hot tamales for my dinner.

Then I try to check the website of the a/c guy I will call, but my internet isn't working. Then it works for like two minutes. Then it stops working again. When it gets really hot outside, my internet goes in and out. Great.

I've got the attic fan going, both my front door and my back door open, and every ceiling fan blowing in the house. It's actually not too bad in here. It's supposed to cool down outside tonight. I'm sure I'll be fine.

Of course, I can't sleep with all of the doors open, unless I want boogey men and woodland creatures to come in my house during the night. So, I'll have to shut the doors, which means the attic fan won't work as well without the moving air in and out of the house.

And really, the attic fan sounds like there is a plane taking off inside my house, nonstop. So, I probably won't be able to sleep with it on anyway. Which means after I turn it off, the house will heat up again.

So when I get up tomorrow, I'll still have ants, and a broken a/c, nothing to eat, and it will be the beginning of a very expensive day.


PS: As I type this, my attic fan just shut itself off. Is that supposed to happen? Are attic fans supposed to just give up?

It's going to be a long night.

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