Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where did my weekend go?
I intentionally did not make any plans this weekend because I wanted to take a break from the mad-busy schedule I've been keeping for the past few months. And I wanted to get some get-my-house-ready-for-spring-and-summer stuff done. It got hot all of sudden here in Texas, and I still had the heater set to "on" (it hasn't heated anything for at least a week) and my electric blanket still on the bed.

I wanted to fit some relaxing into my weekend, too.

But, here's how my weekend went.

Went by Home Depot to buy yard supplies, including flowers for the yard. I didn't plant anything last year. This year, I'm back to gardening. Because it's cool. And, awesome.

Went by the bike shop to see if I needed anything at their big sale. Bought a few sale clothing items. It's time to get back on my bike, which means I need to update my bike wardrobe.

Stopped by Blockbuster, just to see if I needed anything. I didn't, but I rented two movies anyway. I later found out both of them are terrible movies.

Made it home, planted flowers and pulled weeds until it got dark. Did two loads of laundry. Watched Bad Movie #1. Went to sleep sometime after midnight.

Um, and to think I passed on an evening out with friends to 1) save money, and b) rest. Yeah... I did the opposite of both of those.

Only slept until about 8:00. Had my coffee in my chair, while doing another load of laundry.

Cleaned the bathroom. Showered. Went to get a haircut. Called my parents. Stopped by the mall, frantically trying to find something to wear to a wedding in a few weeks because I've suddenly realized I have absolutely nothing to wear. At all. Zero. Zilch.

But, not being in a shopping mood, the whole mall stop was pointless. Completely pointless. I am going to have to wear jeans to this wedding, or not go, because I just don't understand how to pick out and wear clothes that aren't jeans. I am totally bad at clothes.

Made it back home. Then I took my bike to the bike shop to leave it for a tune-up, so I can start riding again. Stopped at the milk store to buy milk. Came home and went back out in the yard to work on my irrigation system (and by this I mean I buried a soaker hose into my flower bed). I then watered everything I planted the day before. Pulled more weeds until dark.

Then I watched Bad Movie #2 and went to bed again sometime after midnight.

Huh. Not so much taking it easy during my RELAXING weekend.

Woke up at 9:00 (spring-forward time), which was really 8:00am according to my body clock. Started the fourth and final load of laundry. Had coffee in my chair and read the paper. Watered my yard.

Then I went to Target, which was not a cheap adventure for me. Why must everything be on sale when I am trying not to spend money this weekend???

Came home. Back out in the yard. Worked on my sprinklers. Washed the side of my house where there was some gooey residue from some stuff I taped there last summer. Made a note to myself NOT to tape stuff to the house this year....

Got the patio furniture out of the shed. Cleaned the patio furniture. Watered more of my yard.

Killed a wasp by spraying a whole can of wasp spray at it and anything in a 10 foot circle around it.

Came inside. Cleaned the air-conditioner so I could turn it on and make my house not 108 degrees. Cleaned all the dust off of the ceiling fans so I could get them going, too.

Showered. Church. Home. Ironed 108 pieces of clothes. Cried when Leo died on The West Wing, even though I knew it was coming.

And now it's time for bed again. Almost midnight.

Things I did NOT get done this weekend:
Putting away clean laundry
Cleaning the other bathroom
Saving money

I'm supposed to be working on balance. As much as I hate to admit it, I easily fall into the rut of ALL or NOTHING. I'm either sitting on the couch doing nothing for hours on end, or I'm at the other extreme where I can't stop finding things to do to keep from resting.

For some reason, I get it in my head that I have to "do" and get things "done". Not because it's expected of me. I just don't know what to do if things need to be done and I don't get them finished.

I don't even need a to-do list. I just go from one thing to the next. If I had a list, it would never get shorter. I add things as I go.

Sure, I got a lot done this weekend. I have cute flowers planted. I'm happy with all of that. I LOVE being in my yard and gardening. It is therapeutic for me.

But I. Am. Tired.

Maybe I'll relax tomorrow night. After I work all day, then water the yard, and put away the laundry, and vacuum, and clean that other bathroom...


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