Monday, April 03, 2006

Two funny things that may only be funny to me

1. Dirt.
I think it's really funny that we buy dirt. I bought flowers this weekend to plant in my yard. Before I left the store with the flowers, I had to remember to buy dirt to plant the flowers.

I mean, think about it. The whole world is made entirely of dirt. I own a house that sits on lots and lots of dirt. But if you're going to plant something, you can't just use your own dirt, or any dirt that happens to be lying around the earth. I can't just walk to the back of my yard, dig up a pile of dirt, and go plant stuff with it.

No, you have to buy fancy fertilzer enhanced "potting soil". It has to be specially concocted dirt that helps your plants grow and not die. It has to come in a colorful bag that has pictures of flowers and dirt ON the bag. Some of the bags are even those handy self-zipping bags, so that when you are done with your dirt and you need to store it, you can seal it up to keep it safe and dry.

Dude, it's just dirt. I hosed a pile of dirt off of my car just the other day. Is that worth anything? Could I have reused it?

Whatever. At the end of the day, I just paid $8 for dirt in a bag.

2. My post from yesterday was linked on a West Wing blog today, all due to a tiny comment in the post about how I cried for Leo last night.

It was a very tiny comment. Near the end of a not-entirely-short post that had nothing at all to do with The West Wing.

Funnily enough, all of the people who stopped by to read that post looking for some brilliant West Wing observation from me had to read through every single detail of my weekend before they got to my few words about Leo.

Not at all what they were looking for, and they now know more about what I did this weekend than I think any of us are comfortable with.

But, these things make me laugh.


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