Thursday, April 20, 2006

My human worth
Because this is totally and absolutely real...

(Thanks to JLay for this entertaining link at

Apparently I am worth $1,969,280 if I were to put myself up for sale.


I was actually docked $10k for having a size 10 shoe. Apparently it's not desireable for the ladies to have big feet?

I earned ZERO dollars for having, um, non-big boobs.

I thought having zero cavities for being 30 years old would pay big bucks, but that's only worth $5k.

I earned $0 for being in the Marketing profession. Um, thanks. My livelihood is completely worthless....

I earned $0 for being an excessive tv watcher. Whatever.

My excellent sense of humor? Worth only $65,000.

But considering the highest valued female today is worth $2,968,140, I didn't do too bad. The average worth for a female is $1,666,031. So at least I beat that. I'm above average.

If only I watched less tv, I'd be worth more in the marketplace...


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