Sunday, April 09, 2006

If you don't go to church, you might already be dead
I came across an article the other day. The title of it intrigued me:

Churchgoers Live Longer

The article begins with this:
"There are many things you can do to increase your life expectancy: exercise, eat well, take your medication and ... go to church.

A new study finds people who attend religious services weekly live longer. Specifically, the research looked at how many years are added to life expectancy based on:

Regular physical exercise: 3.0-to-5.1 years
Proven therapeutic regimens: 2.1-to-3.7 years
Regular religious attendance: 1.8-to-3.1 years"

Hmmm. See, according to this article you can go to church and sit for an hour or so, and you will live almost as much longer as working out regularly.

Not bad.... sitting versus tiring exercise....

The article then goes on to examine the cost-effective comparison between regular exercise, therapeutic regimens, or church attendance.

". . . examining typical gym membership fees, therapy costs from health insurance companies and census data on average household contributions to religious institutions. The estimated cost of each year of additional life apparently gained by each method:

Regular physical exercise: $4,000
Proven therapeutic regimens: $10,000
Regular religious attendance: $7,000"

So, while not as cheap as joining a gym, if you give regularly to your church it will be more cost-effective to add years to your life than going to therapy for the same goal.

Therefore, what can I conclude from this genius article?

If you are not giving at least $7,000 a year to your favorite church and attending regularly, you will not live as long as those who do.

You can't argue with science, people. Now, get to church and give them some money. It's good for your health.


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