Sunday, March 26, 2006

Squirrels STILL don't belong in houses.
This morning as I enjoyed my usual Sunday morning routine of sitting in my chair, reading the paper, and drinking my coffee while letting the sunshine stream in through the windows, I heard a noise at the back door.

It sounded like the wind was lighting blowing outdoor debris at the door, which is not uncommon. But as I looked outside, I noticed the wind wasn't blowing.

My backdoors are French doors with lovely windows that allow lots of light in, and also make for a fantastic view of my backyard when looking out from inside. They also apparently make a great place for small creatures to peer into my home.

There, looking in through the bottom of the glass door was... A SQUIRREL. Yes, the noise I heard was his sharp pointy claws scratching along the bottom of the door as he moved from side to side to get a better view of me. He then stopped and stared right back at me.

Or maybe he was looking for his friend that perished in my home a couple of years ago.

I got up to take his picture, but he left before I could grab the camera.

If I wasn't paranoid about squirrels getting into my house, it would be really cute. But I'm a little worried that maybe he was sent in on a recon mission by the secret squirrel militia, to get the layout of my house for a secret attack they may be planning.


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