Monday, March 06, 2006

Honk if you can hear me
I've been fighting a cold over the past few days. Sometime Saturday night, my voice decided to leave me.

It's been gone for 3 days now.

I don't even really feel sick anymore, except for a slightly annoying dry cough. But I think I'm coughing for the satisfaction of making a noise, more so than really having a cough.

I mean, I'm usually pretty quiet and all. I don't often have much to say. But of course when I CAN'T say anything, I want to say lots of things. My catty comments during the Oscars last night were frustrating more than funny, and really the only funny thing about me was the sounds that came out of me in my attempt to vocalize words and phrases. I couldn't even say half of the funny stuff going through my head. It would have been lost and only funny to me.

Today I just had to sit around at work and not say much. Because I can't. I had the most painful 10 minute phone conversation I've ever had with a client, because it was only a 5 minute conversation but I had to repeat everything twice because she couldn't hear me.

Every once in awhile I can make a noise. I've decided it sounds like a honk.

Sometimes I open my mouth to say words and absolutely nothing comes out.

Basically a conversation with me at the moment sounds like a series of honks and grunts.

It's pretty amusing to people who aren't me.

I'm getting worried my karaoke career may be over.


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