Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm annoyed
Granted, I've been really grumpy all day anyway. But then I watched American Idol and decided that I'm not only grumpy, but I'm annoyed, too.

Things that annoyed me:

Bucky. Just, Bucky.

Kelly Pickler's walking. Just because you are singing about walking doesn't mean you actually have to walk the whole time you sing.

Taylor's possibly-cocaine-induced dancing. It's not even cute anymore. Just annoying.

Taylor's white shoes with a suit. What?!?!

Paris's hair. I'm just not really sure what was going on there.

Ace's shirt. I was growing weary of the t-shirts, but now that I've seen him in a real shirt, it's just not natural. Go back to the tees.

Elliott's tie and untucked shirt combo. Nothing good about that.

Kevin's hand in his pocket the whole time he sang. 'Nuff said.

THE FLOWER! You saw it, too. And it scared the bajeezus out of you like it did me. There in the audience, Jasmine Trias back with the flower. WHY WILL IT NOT GO AWAY?? We voted it off a LONG time ago.

Things that did NOT annoy me:



I'm changing my earlier prediction. The top two will be Katharine and Chris. As long as they continue NOT to annoy me.


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