Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bracket, Schmracket
Up until 10:15 this morning, I hadn't given the NCAA Basketball Tournament a second thought.

Then I helped a young non-sports-minded coworker of mine fill out her bracket to enter a tournament (she had it ALL wrong), and now I may be slightly obsessed.

I've never filled out a bracket before. The team I picked to win the whole thing nearly lost in the first round (it would have been an upset AND very upsetting to me).

The tournament we are in is only for bragging rights (no money involved), but unfortunately I hate to lose. And even thought I didn't care up until midmorning, NOW I really want to win.

I should have stayed out of it.

I picked Syracuse tonight, but they are losing. I want to go to bed, but the game isn't over...

Curse you, March Madness.


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