Monday, March 20, 2006

Sir Thomas Bickle Blog Day
I'm a few hours early of the official Thomas Bickle Blog Day, but since I will be away from blogging tomorrow I wanted to make sure this was up on my blog in anticipation of the event. This is a departure from my usual posts, but it is a worthy cause to join in with many fellow bloggers to use our blogs for good, rather than evil today.

Meet Young Thomas Bickle:

He is a young lad, nigh on 7 months old. And he belongs to Mom and Pop Bickle:

A couple of weeks ago, Thomas was diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor. I won't pretend to know anything special about cancer or tumors, but it's bad. The big nasty tumor that Thomas developed was an ependymoma. Look that up for all the gory details.

Thomas has undergone a successful surgery to remove the tumor. But needless to say, he has a long road ahead of him to beat the cancer and recover.

You can read more about Thomas on his very own blog (this little guys is so special he has people who blog for him!):

You can also read about Thomas in today's (Monday 3/20) Dallas Morning News Metro Section.

Thomas and his family need a lot of support and help during this time. Please keep them in your prayers. And if you are able to send a bit of $$ their way (you can read on Thomas's blog about their financial needs at this time), they have a handy Donate button right there on the blog.

Because really, who could say no to this face?

Viva Thomas and Bickles!


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