Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Rejected Juror

Once upon a time, I aspired to be the world's greatest juror.

This morning, I reported to court, right on time. I found where I was supposed to be and I reported to the bailiff, per my instructions.

I was so excited, you don't even know.

Then THIS happened:

"There are no trials today. Everyone can go home."

Um, WHAT??

I have been preparing for my role as the most amazing juror the world has ever seen for weeks. You cannot take this away from me!

Please, can't someone giving me something to jure?? I'll take anything.

That guy cut in front of you in line? GUILTY.
The bailiff made you throw your coffee away? GUILTY.
The bailiff made me throw MY coffee away? Um, NOT guilty.
Seriously, man. Leave me and my Starbucks alone.

The bailiff gave us the option to not turn in our summons form, which means we would probably get called again one day.

Um, you'd better believe I kept mine. I WILL JURE ONE DAY.

But not today. I was at work by 8:40, which is sometimes when I roll in on a normal day anyway.

Lamest. Jury. Duty. Ever.


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Roberta S said...

C.T., that is a real bummer. There should be a law against it. Getting someone excited like that, getting their blog readers all excited like that, forcing you to watch all that Law and Order and court that. Setting up schedules to accomodate the event? And for what?

I'm mad and disappointed too. Enough to go to your hometown and engage in some irresponsible act that will require a jury to set things straight.