Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I got a little out of control with the organizing the other day.

I needed to do a little light cleaning on Sunday. I always know when my house is too dusty because I start sneezing constantly . . . well before I see that everything is covered in dust.

Well, the dusting turned into rearranging all of my shoes in my closet by color and by how often I wear them, for easy access in the mornings on the way out the door to work. Quite handy, now that I've done it. But it was a bit more time than I really wanted to spend on housework at the time.

But then I went a step further. See, I have this random box of band-aids that is the catch-all for when I have only a couple of band-aids left, but I need a different size band-aid which requires me to get a new box. I throw out the big box that is holding the two leftover band-aids and I put them in the big random box for safe keeping.

Um, I organized the random box of band-aids. By size.

Quite handy . . . now. But quite possibly a waste of time at the time.

Whatever. If you need a band-aid, I can find the perfect size for you super fast. Because they're organized for efficiency.


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Kate said...

I do so much of that kind of organizing that often the bigger things suffer. But, the bandaids, that could be a time sensitive need, so good for you!