Friday, June 06, 2008

Dear All Places that Report the News,

It is no longer news that gas prices are going up, everyday, all the time.

However, it makes me sad and angry to hear that gas prices go up, everyday, all the time. In fact, I'd say it's pretty much torture to remind us every day that gas costs more than our cars do.

We all know gas prices are going up. There's no need for it to be all over the news everyday.

Gas is expensive. It continues to get more expensive. People can't afford to eat or go anywhere because gas takes everyone's money.

These are things that are not news. But these are things that make everyone unhappy.

So, let's keep gas out of the news for awhile, shall we? It might help us think of other things that make us happier, like sunshine and bunnies. Both of which are free in my backyard, which is where I sit and relax to conserve the gas in the Jeep.

And how about if you just let us know when or if gas prices ever go down, for a change.

THAT will be big news, and I will certainly want to hear about it.

Til then, shut it.


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