Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ridiculous people are at Target

I saw two disturbing things within the past week at Target. And yes, I have no shame in admitting the fact that I go to Target more than once a week.

It's how I roll.

The first ridiculous person I saw at Target was in front of me when I was returning a couple of items. She was nicely dressed in a Polo brand shirt, nice jeans, nice shoes. It was obvious that she doesn't shop at Target for her clothes. She was too fancy.

So, you might ask, what was this obviously well-to-do woman returning at Target? I kid you not, she had just bought groceries and noticed that she had been charged too much for a package of muffin mix, and she was getting her 35 cents back.

This woman probably had well over $100 worth of groceries in her cart. And believe me, I am all for saving money and being frugal.

But if you're going to stand there in your fancy jeans and jewelry after examining your ridiculously long receipt, Ridiculous Suburban Wife, and keep me waiting in line for 10 minutes while the Target employee works as hard to find the packet of muffin mix on your ridiculously long receipt as she's working not to LAUGH AT YOU for wanting your 35 cents, then I have no choice but to let you know that you are RIDICULOUS.

Seriously, I felt bad for the poor kid who had to say this: "OK, M'aam, 35 cents will go back on your Mastercard. Thank you and have a nice day." Without laughing.


Then today I was in line to check out at Target, and the woman in front of me bought a whole lot of stuff . . . then paid for it by writing a check.

What? Are Target employees even trained on how to process a check anymore? I thought I was the last remaining person on earth who was clinging to her checks to pay for things, and when I gave that up a few years ago I assumed I had put to rest that art form for all the world over.

But no, I was mistaken. Today I found the last check-writer on the planet. And she was at Target. . . keeping me waiting in line while she wrote a check for her stuff.




meghant said...

There is no shame in going to Target more than once a week. Unless you're a lady trying to get your 35 cents back. Or someone using a check. Then you should be ashamed.

Kate said...

I live within walking distance of Target. Not that I walk there, but you know, twice is normal.

My mother still writes checks everywhere. I cringe and pretend she's just some strange woman.

Victoria Z. said...

Hahahahaha So friggin TRUE! That 35 cent thing is ridiculous... I Had to do that one time at my Old work... (J-Jill) but it was for like, 25 cents instead.. Big woop dee doo... Luckily for me though, I wasn't nice about it. hahaha I was just like, ok here's your quarter. lol. It pisses me off when people do that crap.. also when they can't read.. haha. People would ask how much something is, and I would point to the sign and they would be like. "Oh..."

Ahh! one more thing. I used to work at Bombay before it went out of business. In case you don't know it was a pretty nice furniture store and we sold furniture. lamps, chandeliers, headboards, Bed sets etc.

Well anyways, these people were writing a check and we didn't accept checks, since we were going out of business, and the lady got all mad and huffy puffy. I said "There's a sign right there" and pointed up and she said, "I can't see that far up." lol the thing is this sign was HUGE... It was bright yellow and black not to mention we had about 4 HUGE signs. One over each register..

We also had them right in front of the registers as well, so I was an ass and pointed at the big ones at the register right in front of her face and said, "There's one right there to..." hahahhahhaha