Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why Big Toilet Paper?
My one beef with SuperTarget is that they don't always have the widest selection of items. Not that I willl stop going there several times a week. I love Super Target. But for instance, toilet paper.

I always by the Charmin regular rolls. That's just my preferred brand of TP. It's cheap, yet nice and soft. But not Nice n Soft. That's a different brand.

But last time I went to SuperTarget to buy toilet paper, they only had the LARGE rolls. No regular rolls. This brought on several questions:

1. Why does Target not have regular rolls of Charmin? They are my favorite. Have they banned the regular rolls for some reason? Are the regular rolls harmful in some way that I was not aware of? Has Target just saved my life from unsafe toilet paper rolls?

2. Did Charmin discontinue the Regular rolls in lieu of these giant rolls? They say that it is the same amount of toilet paper as a couple of the regular rolls, but their thing is that you have to change the roll less often. And that's supposed to be an awesome selling point.

3. Why does Charmin care how often I change my roll of toilet paper? I like the regular size roll because it fits perfectly into my toilet paper holder. But even though Charmin claims that their big roll also fits fine, it doesn't. I mean, it fits. But I have to cram it. And then the cardboard roll gets bent, so then when you pull toilet paper off of the roll it rolls funny and it keeps ripping the TP before I have an adequate amount in my hand. Sure, I might have to change the roll less often, but that means I have to deal with awkward toilet paper rolls MORE often.

4. I'm not entirely convinced that there is all that more TP on the big roll. I mean, there is definitely more than the regular roll. But why mess with a good thing? I mean, were people contacting Charmin and requesting that they go to their TP Lab and develop an atomically large roll of toilet paper that holds twice as much TP yet somehow still fits perfectly into the same space on a toilet paper holder? It's possible. But doubtful.

I just want my regular roll of toilet paper. I don't care if I have to change it everyday. In fact, I might would do that anyway just because I can do it and I know it won't be a hassle. The big rolls are stressing me out. The bathroom should not be stressful.

Regular rolls, I miss you.


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