Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I did a bad, bad thing
The other day, I woke up and my sprinkler was running.

Why is that bad, you might ask? Well, because I don't have automatic sprinklers that come on by themselves. Which meant the timer hadn't shut off and it had been running ALL NIGHT LONG.

So.... what.

Well, here in Texas we are in what is known as a drought. Therefore, we are under watering restrictions. Because my water ran all night, I broke several rules:

1. No more than 30 minutes in one place.
2. It was after midnight, so it was technically not my watering day anymore.

Um... maybe that's all.

Needless to say, I freaked out. I ran out in my pajamas and shut if off, then ran back inside before anyone saw me. I've been VERY careful about my yard watering, careful to go by all of the rules. And through no fault of my own, for whatever reason the timer didn't shut off this one time. Yet, I've felt guilty all week for wasting all of that water.

Of course, I don't think anyone saw it. And I don't think I will actually get in any trouble for it. Yes, my water bill will be too high and very suspicious for using 108 million gallons all in one 8 hour period.

Oh, and now I have this really nice green circle in my front yard from all the water. It's a little TOO green, suspiciously green. It stands out from the other houses on the street.

So tonight, it rained a little. Not enough to count for anything. But just enough to ruin my plan of watering AROUND the green spot tonight, to even things out. To hide my crime.

I've been praying every night that I don't go to water restriction jail.

I wish I could put a plant over that night green spot. You know, like you do when you get a spot on your carpet?


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