Saturday, August 12, 2006

Neither Soup, nor Salad
Today I ate lunch at Souper Salad with a good friend. It was good times. We go there for the novelty of big salad, potentially grody salad bar, and people watching.

But I noticed that they are trying expand past soup and salad and get all fancy. And I say to Souper Salad, be what you are. Soup and Salad.

I found these items at said Souper Salad. They are neither soup, nor salad:

Ice Cream

If I want these things I will go to pizza places, or taco places, or ice cream places. I come to Souper Salad for soup and/or salad. And to make fun of things.

Plus, I've never understood why they have waiters at Souper Salad. All they do is bring your drink, and then clean up after you when you leave. Is this worth anybody's time? Do we tip them? I mean, we have to get all of our own food items. Why can't we also get our own drinks?

Bizarre, I say. The whole thing is bizarre.


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