Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Be still my heart
So, I'm a little bit obsessed with The Discovery Channel. I watch it pretty much all the time. (I even clicked over during the really scary moments of Game 6 tonight. Turns out, the whole game was scary and sad... but The Discovery Channel helped me through it.)

I love The Discovery Channel so much because I am a huge nerd. I love shows about how thing work, or places I've never been, or things I've never seen.

Plus, I found my two new boyfriends:

1. Mike Rowe

He hosts a show called Dirty Jobs and it is AWESOME. I think I love him.

2. Danny Forster

He hosts Extreme Engineering, and not only is it like, one of the most super cool shows ever, he's super cute. And I think I love him, too.

Super cuteness mixed with super smartness mixed with shows that make learning stuff fun?

All over it.


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