Monday, January 09, 2006

Today's Discoveries

1. It is really hard to drink red Powerade without leaving a red Powerade mustache on my upper lip. I brought red Powerade to work today because I'm still trying to replenish losing pretty much all of my body fluids while being sick last week. I should have gone with a different shade of Powerade. Not exactly professional, what with the red mustache and all...

2. Watch this show.

It's on PBS. I stumbled upon it by accident tonight. I won't say anything else about it, so as not to taint your impressions of it. You can catch part 2 tomorrow night and part 3 Wednesday night.

3. Do not wait until the day the postage rates go up to buy your two-cent stamps. Everyone else waited until today to buy two-cent stamps for the postage rate increase, and I met ALL of them in line at the post office today while there to buy 4 two-cent stamps. That is eight cents, people. 20 minutes in line for the 8 cents that came between me being able to mail pieces of First Class Mail today versus two days ago. You do the math.

4. Three days of eating nothing but crackers, a piece of toast, and Powerade leaves me tired on Day Four after only my morning shower. Who knew showers took so much energry? The rest of the day was pretty much useless.

Except for the two-cent stamps.

Totally worth it.


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