Thursday, January 19, 2006

Burning stuff: Don't do it
Here in North Texas, we are under what is currently known as a Burn Ban. We've had a lot of dry, windy weather. This makes for brittle grass that catches fire easily and burns uncontrollably.

Thus, much of North Texas is not allowed to burn stuff outside.

Thankfully, our public announcement venues are helping us remember the Ban. As I drove down the highway today, I was comforted by the flashing signs along the way:


It's times like these when fire is more dangerous than ever that it's good to know that ARSON is banned.

On a normal, non fire-threatening day? Sure! Go ahead and ARSON all you want. It's not banned, per say, specifically, according to the highway signs.

But right now, ARSON is most definitely banned.

Good to know.

We can only hope that our friendly neighborhood arsonists are heeding these signs and warnings.


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