Sunday, January 08, 2006

We all use it when germs run amock. Yet, we all continue to get sick. People never quit getting sick no matter how much Lysol is used in all the land.

So, I question that Lysol even works.

It promises to kill tons of germs on contact. It is what we all use when we've been sick to "rid our houses" of these illness-inducing germs.

Yet, we continue to need more Lysol because germs still come and make us sick.

I have effectively drowned my entire house with Lysol after being sick this weekend. But what if I'm only spraying funky-smelling aerosol that does nothing more than lead me to believe my house is now germ-free? All the while not really killing any germs...

What if it's really just setting a trap? I will think I am no longer sick, and I will think I am no longer living in a house brewing with infectious germiness. But, what if it really doesn't live up to all the hype?

If Lysol really worked, wouldn't the company soon be out of business? Wouldn't we no longer need Lysol?

Wouldn't we never be sick again?

I smell something fishy. Or lemony, rather.

Lysol-scented conspiracy.


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