Saturday, January 07, 2006

Three-Day Weekend
Normally a three-day weekend would be tons of fun. But since this one started unexpectedly, and I've been in bed for all but about 6 hours of it, I would like to officially trade in two of my three days of weekend for two more GOOD days of weekend. It's just not fair to be sick on the weekend.

I won't blame God, or my pastor, or even my church. But all I'm saying is that on Thursday I had dinner with my pastor, then I went to my church and worked late, then I went home and spent all the livelong night throwing up. I finally got to sleep around 6am, just in time to call in sick to work for Friday.

I can't blog more about this. It seems talking about things of this nature encourages my body to think it's a good idea to try it. Sickness of this genre is one of my least favorite activities in all the land, and the mere suggestion of it can induce violent illness within me.

I'm also currently afraid of my bathroom. Until Thursday, I had gone 2.5 years without being "exorcist-like" ill in my house. Now, I may have to move. Or at least seal off my bathroom and only use my guest bathroom forevermore. Very, very bad memories of two nights ago.

But I will say that it's nice to be sitting upright after two straight days on my back.

Tomorrow I hope to move past crackers and Powerade.


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