Monday, February 04, 2008

To the people who ride the elevator to the 2nd floor:


It takes as long to wait for the elevator, wait for the doors to open, wait for the people to get out before you can get in, push "2", wait for the doors to close, then get out one floor up . . . as it would to walk up that one flight of stairs to the second floor.

Plus it wastes my time waiting on you to do all of that before I get to my floor.

And I know you ride that elevator back down one floor, too.

For the time I spend waiting on you to get to where I need be, I might as well walk up and down four flights of stairs.

Or move to your floor.



Roberta S said...

Hi C.T. That was a refreshing little post that brought a smile to my lips. Nice to see common sense still alive and doing well.

meghant said...

people are too lazy.