Sunday, February 17, 2008

A major lifestyle change

I made a major lifestyle change this weekend. Seriously, this is really big.

For years, and years, I've had a Sunday morning tradition that has become the cornerstone of my sanity throughout the rest of the week.

I roll out of bed, I get my coffee started, I go get a Sunday paper, then I come home and sit in my chair while I read the paper and drink my coffee.

It's a place and time of refuge.

This all began for me in the days of yore. It used to be, in the days of yore, that you couldn't get a subscription to the newspaper for only a Sunday paper. You had to get the whole weekend. And since I don't care about the newspaper except on Sunday, and I don't care to pay for more papers than I will actually read, I began my weekly routine of going to the gas station to get my paper each Sunday.

I totally beat the system, y'all.

So far this year, for a variety of reasons, I have not been able to keep my routine going consistently each Sunday. It could be part of why my 2008 is off to a funky start, causing me to feel on-edge lately. I haven't had my regular time or place of refuge like I need it.

A few weeks ago I was finally able to get back to my routine, but my gas station friend wasn't there. There was a different guy there in his place to sell me my paper. I thought maybe he had the week off, which is odd since he never seems to go on vacation.

Part of the lure of my Sunday morning routine is that minute or so of chit-chat to check in with my gas station boyfriend. With someone new there, it was all very foreign and scary.

He wasn't there today, either. So I fear the new guy is a permanent replacement. I can only assume that since I missed a few weeks, my gas station boyfriend missed me so much that he could no longer bring himself to work there anymore.

This personal touch was really my main reason to make the trip to the gas station each week to get my paper. Since, I've discovered in recent weeks, you can now get a Sunday-only subscription to the paper. People would say, "Hey, Tyrant. Why do you go to the gas station for your paper each Sunday? You know you can get that delivered to your house, right? (Idiot)."

And I would say, yes. I know. But it's my routine. And I like saying hi to my gas station boyfriend each week.

But, since it appears he has left me, I can consider us broken up. And I have given myself permission to also break up with my routine.

Last night, I ordered a Sunday-only subscription to the newspaper. Which means starting next week, the paper will come to me.

I can wander outside in my pjs and slippers to get my paper, y'all. Just like all of the other old people on my street (some of whom forget that yes, I can see you through my front window in your tighty-whities while you wander down the driveway to get your paper even though you seem to think that you are invisible out in broad daylight on a Sunday morning).

Yep, I'm one step closer to being one of those old people.


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