Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm concerned.

I'm concerned that one day Miley Montana Ray Cyrus will grow up and not know who she is.

Is she Hannah?
Is she Miley?
Who is Hannah?
Who is Miley?

Does anybody know? Will anyone be able to help her figure out where Miley ends and where Hannah begins?

And when we stop caring about Hannah Montana, what will be next for Miley Montana Ray Cyrus? Will she be able to find another identity?

One day, will we see an E! True Hollywood Story about 40-yr-old Miley Hannah Ray Cyrus and her search for self that lands her in rehab due to her addiction to pixie sticks and Bubble Yum, followed by a re-emergence of Hannah/Miley 2.0, now a nun in a Scandinavian convent high on a hill, helping young orphans wear clothes made out of curtains?

Probably so.

And what will the children do without Hannah/Miley? One day, before her pixie sticks bender at the age of 40, the children of the world will figure out that she is old and it's not cool to have a Hannah Montana lunch box anymore, and they will not know what to do to survive.

There will be a void that can only be filled by another New Kids On The Block reunion.

I'm just very concerned for the youth of America.


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