Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Lean Pockets

I eat a Lean Pocket for lunch just about every day that I'm at work.

I tend to get stuck on one thing for awhile (ok, a really long time). Then one day I get sick of whatever I've been stuck on, and I have to find something else. Usually there is a brief period of mourning, followed by intense and deep hunger, then stumbling through sandwiches or soups or salads until I find something that can take the place of what I've just left behind . . .

Anyway, quite frankly, whoever thought a Lean Pocket should be enough to fill you up for lunch is pretty much an idiot. Yet, I eat one everyday. Just one. Because one pocket is a serving and that's proper and appropriate.

However, by lunch-thirty I am usually starving.

Sometimes I remember to bring a snack, and then I'm fine. But on the days that I don't remember a snack, and no one can hook me up any food (seriously, I'll take, like, that cracker that's been stuck in the back of your drawer since the day you moved into that cube), I'm hurting for the rest of the afternoon until I can get home and eat more food than a skinny girl should really eat for dinner.

So today, I went for it. I can't take the hunger anymore.

I ate two Lean Pockets for lunch.

At first, I was worried that two pockets cancels out the "lean".

But then the satisfaction of being almost full after I ate them, and then lasting all the way until 4:00 without becoming weak with hunger made me not care if eating two pockets actually sextuples the fat or calories or whatever they pack inside a pocket.

I'm not sure that I will be able to afford a two-pocket-a-day habit.

But I'm not sure the hunger inside me will let me go back to just one pocket.


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